Just For Women? Not Anymore! Why Men Are Turning to BOTOX

October 9, 2023

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man receiving BOTOX

When you hear the word “BOTOX,” there is a good chance that the first thing you think of is a woman with a smoother, more youthful appearance. However, this vision and reality are changing now that more men are turning to it for help with their facial aesthetics. But why? What is it about BOTOX and dermal fillers that is capturing their attention? Keep reading to discover why the “normal” demographic for these treatments is shifting.

The Facts About Men and BOTOX

For decades, women have relied on the effects of BOTOX and dermal fillers to eliminate wrinkles and fine lines. Believing it to be one of the best methods for “turning back the clock” on aging, everyone from stay-at-home moms to business professionals and celebrities can’t seem to get enough of this miracle treatment.

However, researchers and skincare professionals are finding that it’s not just women who want a more youthful look. Men are now becoming common clientele, but why?

According to research completed by the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery in 2017, more than 160,000 men received BOTOX injections, making it the top nonsurgical procedure for this particular demographic.

It is believed that the reasons they are seeking this type of treatment are that:

  • They want to remain visible to their employers, especially as younger colleagues enter the workforce.
  • They want to make a good impression when meeting others (i.e., personal or professional).
  • They want to improve their self-esteem.

Although some of these may stem from the competition and comparison many men feel when scrolling on social media, it’s clear that they, too, want the same kind of results as women and for many of the same reasons.

Are There Risks Men Should Be Concerned About?

The good news about BOTOX and even dermal fillers is that the risks are not much different than they are for women.

As an FDA-approved solution that is safe to use in small doses, men should make sure that they are seeking treatment from a skilled doctor or dermatologist. Having someone who has the training to provide these services is essential to ensure that results appear natural.

However, it is possible that some swelling, redness, headaches, and drooping of the upper eyelid can occur after receiving BOTOX. While most of these side effects go away on their own, men will need to consider these possibilities when discussing treatment with a professional.

There are now more reasons than ever to want to look younger. With social media, virtual meetings, and other instantaneous communication occurring, maintaining a smoother, more vibrant appearance is something that both men and women desire.

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