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Reclaim Your Smile with Full Mouth Reconstruction

Various factors, including genetics, accidents, and past oral hygiene habits, can lead to a range of dental problems. If you're facing issues with your oral health, there's no need for embarrassment. Our caring team is dedicated to helping you achieve a vibrant and confident smile! Depending on your specific situation, we may suggest considering full mouth reconstruction in Lake Nona. To learn more about this comprehensive treatment approach, continue reading or give us a call today!

Is a Full Mouth Reconstruction Right for Me?

patient talking to dentist about full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction is an excellent option for anyone seeking to restore the health, function, and aesthetics of their smile, regardless of prior damage. It's never too late to embark on this journey towards optimal oral health!

Ideal candidates are those with extensive dental issues, such as severe decay or missing teeth. Beyond physical restoration, this process has a positive impact on mental and emotional well-being. The newfound confidence and comfort from a revitalized smile can greatly enhance your overall quality of life. If you're seeking comprehensive dental restoration, a full mouth reconstruction might be the perfect solution for you.

The Full Mouth Reconstruction Process

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Your full mouth reconstruction journey starts with a consultation with our team. We’ll attentively listen to your concerns and understand your treatment expectations. Before suggesting any specific procedures, our team will conduct a thorough examination of your mouth.

Here are some procedures that may be included in your full mouth reconstruction:

  • Gum disease treatment to combat infections in your gum tissue
  • Dental implants or other tooth replacement options to fill in gaps in your smile
  • Fillings, crowns, or other restorations to fortify and repair damaged teeth
  • Cosmetic dentistry to give your new smile its perfect aesthetic

Understanding the Cost of a Full Mouth Reconstruction

patient talking to dentist about cost of full mouth reconstruction

The overall cost of full mouth reconstruction varies based on the specific procedures and their extent. During your consultation, we'll provide a tailored cost estimate. While the treatment may initially appear costly, the benefits it brings are truly invaluable.

Moreover, opting for full mouth reconstruction often proves more cost-effective than sporadic restorative work. Our team is dedicated to helping you manage expenses. We can handle insurance claims and guide you through low-interest financing options.

Full Mouth Reconstruction FAQs

patient talking to dentist about cost of full mouth reconstruction

Undergoing full mouth reconstruction can be a lengthy process, but rest assured – our team will guide you through each phase. It's our priority to equip you with all the necessary information about your treatment in advance. To that end, we've compiled a list of frequently asked questions that address common concerns about the reconstruction process. Of course, feel free to reach out to our office if you have any further inquiries not covered here!

How Long Does a Full Mouth Reconstruction Procedure Take?

It depends on several factors! These include the extent of teeth being treated and the specific services required to achieve your desired results. Additionally, whether the procedures can be completed simultaneously or need to be performed consecutively is an important consideration.

For instance, procedures like root canals and dental crown placements can typically be finished within a few weeks, whereas more complex treatments like orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery may require a longer timeframe.

Does Getting a Full Mouth Reconstruction Hurt?

Getting a full mouth reconstruction at our practice is designed to be a comfortable and stress-free experience for you. If a more complex procedure is necessary, such as dental implant placement, we ensure your comfort by using a local anesthetic to numb the area beforehand.

Following the procedure, it's normal to experience some soreness and discomfort. To minimize this, our team will provide you with a list of aftercare instructions. Small steps like sticking to soft foods initially, avoiding hot beverages, and prioritizing rest can make a significant difference in your comfort during the recovery process.

Will People Be Able to Tell That I Had a Full Mouth Reconstruction?

Thanks to advancements in dentistry, modern full mouth reconstructions are exceptionally natural-looking and feel very lifelike! Of course, the visibility of the results largely depends on your specific needs and smile goals. For example, if the goal is to restore a couple of decayed teeth and enhance the color of your teeth, the improvement will be subtle. On the other hand, opting for veneers on all your teeth to alter their shape, size, and color will lead to a more striking and noticeable transformation.

It's important to communicate your preference for subtlety or a more dramatic change with us during your consultation. This way, we can tailor the reconstruction to align perfectly with your desired outcome.

How Do I Care for My Smile After Full Mouth Reconstruction?

After your full mouth reconstruction, maintaining a healthy smile requires consistent care. Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Establish a solid at-home oral hygiene routine, including brushing twice a day, flossing daily, and using an ADA-approved mouthwash regularly.
  • Steer clear of detrimental habits like chewing on ice, using teeth as tools, and teeth grinding.
  • Prioritize routine checkups and cleanings with us. These appointments enable close monitoring of your oral health and prompt intervention if any issues arise.