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Get the Most Out of Your Guardian Insurance

Want to find a Guardian dentist in the Lake Nona Region who can deliver high-quality care that is also affordable? You’ve come to the right place. At Lake Nona Dental Group, we are pleased to be in-network with Guardian and strive to make oral healthcare easy to access and reasonable for your budget.

As a reliable and trustworthy company that has been helping individuals for years, you’ll be pleased to know that your oral health is in good hands. Whether it’s pursuing preventive care or seeking restorative dentistry to fix an unexpected problem, your Guardian insurance as well as our talented team will remain by your side to reduce your out-of-pocket expenses while working toward a healthier smile. Call our office today to find out how we can start helping you save.

Guardian Coverage Availability & Fees

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With Guardian dental insurance, the benefit structure looks similar when comparing different plans. You can expect to look something like the following:

  • 80-100% preventive care
  • 50-70% minor restorative care
  • 0-50% major restorative care

As you can see, services such as dental checkups and cleanings, X-rays, and similar preventive treatments yield the greatest savings. This is because they are designed to minimize the potential for cavities, gum disease, and serious infections along the way.

However, Guardian understands that accidents happen and even the best oral hygiene intentions can lead to dental decay. This is why they also agree to cover major and minor restorative services such as dental fillings, crowns, oral surgery, and more.

You must keep in mind, though, that you have to meet your deductible before your insurer will agree to pay their portion, and your annual maximum is the most they will pay in a single year. Should you require treatment that costs more than this allotted amount, it may be possible for us to spread out your procedures across calendar years so that you pay less out of pocket.

You can expect these kinds of benefits when choosing someone in-network with your Guardian dental insurance. It is your opportunity to save more when aiming to take better care of your oral and overall health.

Meet the Team

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Understanding the different aspects of dental insurance isn’t always easy. While you can look at the available benefits and coverage levels, you may struggle to fully understand what is considered a major or minor restorative service as well as whether you are approaching your annual maximum. Although these are just a few aspects of your policy you may need help with, you can count on our team to relieve you of this stressful burden. As qualified professionals who understand the ins and outs of dental insurance, we will review your policy, explain valuable ways to save, and ensure you get the most out of your plan each time you visit.